Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Saturday Fosdic Lake Bird Buffet With A Human Cancer

It has been a gray Saturday in Texas. A balmy high nearing 60.

Around noon I took off for Town Talk with a stop at Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdic Lake. I am such a pathetic creature of habit.

As you can see in the picture the Fosdic Birds were having themselves a fine time today, with a lot of feeding going on. The Fosdic Birds make quite a loud racket when they are all happy about getting fed.

As I walked today I found myself being quietly contemplative. There really was no other option than to be quiet. I was dwelling on Human Cancers and Toxic People. I don't mean cancer of the sort that attacks humans. I'm talking about Humans who are like Cancers.

I used to know an extremely Toxic Person. I did not realize til I removed the Toxicity that dealing with the Toxic Person was like having a Human Cancer being a tumor on my good humor. It was not long after a good dose of radiation, chemo therapy and bitch slapping, that I found myself in full remission.

Getting rid of a Human Cancer is a smart move. I recommend it if you have any such tumor bugging you.

And then a couple days ago, out of the blue, the Human Cancer was back, as Toxic as ever, invading in new areas.

But, the Human Cancer was found early and I zapped it with an extremely strong dose of my own personal brand of radiation. I am prepared to increase the dosage, should the Human Cancer re-appear.

I suspect I am Human Cancer free again. I can only hope.

Tootsie Tonasket, aka Princess Thunderumper of the Tonasket Tribe, called today. Princess Thunderumper was being rather amusing. I don't get how she stays in such a good state of mind with all the soap opera that swirls about her in her little Eastern Washington town.

So, that's been my exciting Saturday, so far. Up really early, FTP nightmare solved, actually managed to stay in the pool for the longest time of the new year, Fosdic Lake walking, Human Cancer treatments.

And now I am heading into Saturday night, which if anyone ever pays any attention, notice might have been made that I rarely make mention of anything that happens after 5pm. My no mentioning things in the blog time zone is from 5pm until 4am. I rarely violate that rule.


Gar said...

I think the Radiation injured it in some kind of vacillating verbiage quake. to read.

twister said...

Your evenings are your own, unless you're running for some kind of public office and in a way, you are. I think if you keep chunking rocks at the mayor's office they are likely to resort to some dirty tactics. So your public denouncements are both your protection and simultaneously exposing you to possible harm. Is their anyone or group you can ally yourself with? Maybe ask advice from the more politically active groups in the N.W. country from where you originally hale?

Durango said...

I have a sort of CTU operation, like on 24, if you know what I mean. When I'm out and about I'm always under a watchful eye. Like that time you and I went hiking the Tandy Hills there were snipers ready to take you out if you turned into a rogue agent. I gave them an all clear signal, on you, when my metal detecting device detected you weren't packing heat.

twister said...

Ooh...that's why my spider senses were tingling.