Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fort Worth Moved To The Coast With Horizontal Drizzle

I don't remember when I've been more ready for the end of winter. I think this is the most miserable winter I've ever been through.

Or maybe the previous Texas winters spoiled me and my memory of Washington winters has faded.

My therapist, Dr. L.C., told me, this morning, that I needed to take my daily therapeutic walk early, due to incoming rain. Once again, I erred by not listening to my therapist's advice.

When I left my abode I did not realize the precipitation had begun. Usually I hear it hitting my windows. But at noon the wet stuff was in the form of a strong drizzle, being blown semi-horizontal. It seems as if Fort Worth has been moved to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

So, I bailed on my planned excursion and instead went over to Miss Puerto Rico's to take a drizzly picture from her balcony. As usual, my photo skills do not do justice to the horizontal drizzle.

On the semi-bright side, if there possibly is one, the 5 day forecast does not foresee a return to freezing.

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Jovan Gonzales said...

Nope, I gonna agree with you Dango, this is the worst winter so far. At least in my 23 years of life. Far colder, wetter, and snowier than most. I don't like it. I like cold, but not mixed with wet. So I too am wanting summer to hurry up! Now watch, when summer arrives, we'll be complaining about how hot and humid it is, lol.