Friday, February 26, 2010

Aubrey McClendon Assaulted In Boston With A Solidarity Shout Out To Y'All in Texas

The Carter Avenue Rescue Operation today got a Solidarity "Y'all" shout out from Boston.

You know Boston, that Yankee town that had the first famous Tea Party.

Yankees are good at doing the protesting thing.

Yesterday, activists representing Marcellus Shale residents, got in Chesapeake Energy's CEO, Aubrey McClendon's, two faces, when he attempted to give a lecture titled, "Natural Gas: Fueling America's Clean Energy Future" at Harvard University.

Activists shouted from the audience, asking McClendon questions he did not want to answer.

McClendon gave up on his lecture 40 minutes early. He was clearly shaken by the angry, informed reaction.

One protester shoved a jar of dirty water at McClendon, saying it represented fracking water and asked McClendon if he was willing to drink it.

As McClendon fled the building he was serenaded with eco-protest songs.

One observer's personal account...

"McClendon was very rude. He mocked the people who were worried about health defects and got defensive and completely lost his composure when we were quick to respond to his sarcasm with solid responses. He is not a nice man, not at all. When we told him we were delivering messages from directly impacted communities, we were told to "keep our comments to just questions", so we asked him if he would be willing to listen to the voices of the people who are feeling the effects of his business, he said "I will only answer questions" so pretty much "No". People definitely got our message. We are considering this action a "win". Solidarity to yall from Boston."

I think I can speak for CARO when I say if Aubrey McClendon shows up at the Save Carter Avenue Rally, Thursday, March 4, on the Tarrant County Courthouse steps and wants to speak to the Rally to inform the people of Fort Worth that he has ordered Chesapeake Energy to drop its eminent domain assault on Steve Doeung and abandoned the plans to put a non-odorized natural gas pipeline under Carter Avenue, that the people at the Rally will greet him with huge round of Southern Hospitality.

And no one will try to get him to drink some Chesapeake Dirty Water.


Anonymous said...

Don't Cheesypeake have a huge headquarter here in Downtown FW ? Does Mr. Gasbagger office out of here since it seems that his company pretty much runs the city, a kind of shadow government like in many parts of the world like the supposedly democratic Russian Republic, formerly the red commie bully called the USSR? If so, maybe the rally should include a stop at their tower of power TO SHOW THE POWER OF "We the PEOPLE"!!

Durango said...

Cheesypeek. That's funny. Cheesypeek's corporate headquarters are in Oklahoma City. Chesapeake took over the defunct Pier One Corporate Headquarters, in Fort Worth, a couple years ago after Pier One found they could not afford it, sort of like what happened to Radio Shack. What's with Fort Worth corporations? So, I don't think Aubrey McClendon spends a lot of time in his Fort Worth satellite headquarters. I assume he just has lackeys operating there in order to give orders to Fort Worth's City Hall.

But, having said all that. If the people at the Rally want to march on Fort Worth's City Hall, I mean Chesapeake's Headquarters, I can't see what harm could come from such a thing.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Do you have to get a permit to protest in Texas? OooooHHHH!!! I hope I don't see you getting arrested on TV Dango! I'll come bail you out if you do though, k?

Durango said...

We have the proper protest permits. We have security secured in case battle need be done with the taser armed Fort Worth Gestapo.

I take it you do not plan to put yourself in harm's way at this event. That's okay. I understand.

I appreciate the bail out offer. I need your cell # for my jailhouse call, though.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're securely secured. I feel better. Oh, just in case you get OC sprayed and THEN tased, you can sue! So ... keep that in mind! Haha.

I would love to attend, but I have to work on that day, and Fart Worth is 2 hours from me, I don't think I could go and not be wicked late. :( I need more notice!

I know you'll be blogging allll about it, so you had better take notes! Or video, or both. Just sayin!

Durango said...

I plan on being armed with 2 cameras, so video should appear. I hope.