Thursday, February 18, 2010

62 Degrees Windows Open Birds Chirping Feeling Chipper In Fort Worth Texas

That's me on my 4th Groundhog Day in a row, once more back to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdic Lake.

As you can see the walking today was done in a short sleeved shirt. Right now, at a little past 4 in the afternoon it is 60. The high today has been 62.


Is this the first time it has been in the 60s this year in my formerly Arctic area of North Texas? I don't remember.

I think I'll open a window just because it will feel good. And will help cool me down. The low tonight is supposed to get down to 45. Previously, anytime a day's average stayed above 50 the pool heated up enough to make swimming for 10-15 minutes doable. We'll see.

With the window open I hear a lot of birds chirping. Very happy, are they, with this hint of the coming spring. It is a symphony of bird chirping out there. Such an upbeat sound. It almost cures what ails me.


Jovan Gonzales said...

You better enjoy the spring sounds while you can. It goes straight from this nice weather to super retarded storms and then summer. What exactly is it that ails you Dango? I thought you were a bright, cheery fellow? What kind of mood are you in during the disgusting North Texas summers? I pretty much only go out if I'm near a body of water, haha.

David Whittle said...

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