Tuesday, December 29, 2009

North Texas Tuesday Snow Storm Arrives On Schedule In Fort Worth

Our previously scheduled Tuesday Afternoon Snow Storm arrived right on time, starting around 2. By 3 I was out in it, heading to the library, which finally opened again after a long shutdown.

You are looking west on Bridge Street, the library is on the other side of that clump of shrubs on the right.

After I finished with the library I stopped at the Post Office on my way to Wal-Mart. By the time I got to the Post Office it was snowing harder than it was during the Infamous 2009 Texas Christmas Eve Blizzard. Today's storm is not a blizzard, the snow is falling straight to the ground with no wind interfering with its descent.

About a half mile from the Post Office I decided to take video of the drive to Wal-Mart. YouTube is processing that video even as I type. YouTube must be located on the West Coast, because, looking at it right now, as it is being processed, it says the video was added at 02:53 PM. It was added at 04:53 PM Central Time.

Tomorrow I believe the weather conditions will keep me from my regular morning icy dip and hot tub flash. By morning it will likely be a very slippery mess out there.

Okay, the video is done processing. It's a long one. I should have turned the radio down. It drowns out my pithy commentary at times. I did not notice, til watching the video, the black car that sort of spins on the ice in front of me, early on in the video. I did notice that that was the only spot where I could tell I was slipping a bit.


twister said...

Don't leave home w/o it.

Steve A said...

I got rained on riding my bike back from the Colleyville Library today. It was pretty darn cold and it turned to snow not long after I got home around 2PM.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Huh...two songs that I enjoy very much played while you were driving. Thank you. You may keep the wet snow and the frigid temperatures. Thank goodness that's over!