Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy First Day Of Winter From The Tandy Hills & I Heard From Fort Worth Mayor Mikey

My therapist, Dr. L.C. ordered me to the Tandy Hills today for the third day in a row. Apparently the temperatures are scheduled to turn cold again. My therapist has been alarmed regarding my recent inactivity caused weight gain.

It's the Winter Solstice today. That's my first day of Winter noontime long shadow on a Tandy Hills trail. That shadow makes it appear as if I'm wearing some sort of skirt. I'm pretty sure I left my skirt at home and was wearing cargo shorts.

Horses are not supposed to go hiking on the Tandy Hills. There are signs clearly stating that rule. In Texas we do not break rules. In Texas we do not question the rules or the authority of who makes the rules.

Anyway, at least one horse clomped around on the trails leaving telltale horseshoe prints. And piles of digested horse food that was attracting flies. It seems sort of counter intuitive to have a rule forbidding the riding of a horse on a Texas Prairie. Then again, it was easy to see, today, how a lot of horses clomping on the trails could do a lot of damage.

The Tandy Hills River was roaring over Tandy Falls today. I'd not hiked to Tandy Falls for a long time. I don't know why. It's so peaceful there. And I love the sound of a roaring waterfall.

I heard from Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief. He commented on a blogging yesterday about the Toy Run of motorcycles. Mayor Mike said he was Anonymous and then signed his comment "Your dedicated and honorable mayor, Mikey."

Ever since I saw the dedicated and honorable Mayor Mikey pouring a cup of grape Kool-Aid into the Trinity River thinking this was going to turn the river purple, well, the former high esteem in which I held the honorable mayor took a really serious nosedive.

Anyway, that's been my exciting day, so far. No swimming this morning due to reasons I don't want to talk about. And today I got my last website off my previous chronically hacked webhost. And then canceled that account. Now I feel like I'll be doing some complaining about IX Webhosting and the dirty deeds they did to me in cahoots with their Ukrainian cyber tech terrorists.


Jovan Gonzales said...

Dango! Your skirt has quite a racy slit in the middle! Get it Dango!!! Hahahaha.

Okay, so your roaring waterfall bit was too funny. I seriously laughed for about 10 minutes. Thanks. Speaking of waterfalls. Have you ever been to Turner Falls? It's an amazingly gorgeous park with a large fall and 2 smaller ones on a tributary. It's near Ardmore, OK. If you ever go, it's looks to be in the middle of nasty brushlands, but then you desecend the mountain and BAM! Beauty. Bonus: it's only about 2.5 hrs north of DFW right off 35!

Sorry you didn't swade. Seems like you ├╝ber enjoy it so it must've thrown your day off to not swim.

Durango said...

I have been to Turner Falls a couple times. I was very surprised by it, like you said, you're on I-35, boring scenery, sign says you're in the Arbuckle Mountains. Huh? What mountains. You get off the freeway and suddenly it's like you're on a mountain road. And then you come to an overlook and see the falls.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Of COURSE you've been to Turner Falls!!! What was I thinking. Haha. There's probably very few places I've been that you haven't it seems. Do your travels also take you out of country? If not then I've got you beat! Yessss.

Back to the falls: your pics give me the impression that you went when the water was low (i.e. Summer) because when I go, the falls are waaaaaaay larger and the water is NOT warm. Ha!

Durango said...

Yes, Jovo, I have been out of this country, though I suspect not as far out of this country as you have.

If you will kindly go back to the pics of Turner Falls you'll see a link to Turner Falls in Winter. There you will see pics of the falls falling a lot of water.

I liked Turner Falls way more in Winter than the blazing heat of summer.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Ah dangit. I didn't look that closely! :p I like going to places that are outdoors like that in the spring. It rains a lot and then everything is all lush and gorgeous. I reserve summer for leaving Texas and going to MI or NM/CO. I am NOT supposed to be a Texan. I love cold too much.

twister said...

There's a new walking bike riding trail in Fort Worth and it has a small waterfall. There was an article about it in the online version of the fwstartlegram.

Durango said...

I saw the article about the new trail and the pic of the waterfall. I'm a little unclear as to how to get there.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Maybe you and Twister could have a Brodate and check out the new trail and waterfall, you know, like Bret wanted with Mick?

Durango said...

I don't think Twister does Brodates. I recollect long ago offering to lead him through the confusing maze of mountain bike trails at River Legacy Park. I think Twister suffers from some sort of shyness syndrome. Have you noticed there are no known photos of Twister in existence? And why does he call himself Twister? But on Twitter he calls himself Dynamo Hum. It's all very mysterious.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hmmm...another intriguing mystery. Boy, what's wrong with all these people that live near you? Not take up an offer to hang out or come to lunch? Well, maybe Mister Twister will solve the mystery by providing us with a current photo and the explanation of the Dynamo Hum. I know I'm all ears...

Durango said...

Twister does seem to be a good mystery. I hope you are able to solve this one.

twister said...

I'm not entirely sure I know how to get there either. It looks to me, though, that there is a place to park at the corner of White Settlement Rd @ Isbell. The map seems to indicate that the trail terminates at Pumphrey drive just outside of the entrance of the Naval Air Station. We've got a long weekend so if it's not spitting ice from the sky, maybe I'll take a look see. As for looks, I resemble QuasiModo, just with better hygiene.