Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Stormy Thursday In Texas With Ruts At Quanah Parker Park

You're looking at a stormy, possible tornado spawning, 1pm view of today's Texas sky, looking east towards Dallas, standing on the parking lot of the Eastchase Super Wal-Mart.

The series of storms has hit worse in locations other than mine. All I've experienced is a little wind and temperature fluctuations.

This morning we were headed towards 80. And then the front from the north pushed back the front from the south, in the storm equivalent of a Civil War battle, dropping the temperature to currently being 60.

It's the confrontation between HOT and COLD that brings about a tornado watch.

While all this weather battling was going on, since none of it was producing falling water, I went to nearby Quanah Parker Park to walk off some of my morning's aggravations.

Quanah Parker Park is a nice, little, well-maintained, Fort Worth park. Today I was appalled to see what looked like the sort of ruts Barnett Shale gas drillers leave in their wake at times. Quanah Parker Park borders the Trinity River, but I saw no pipelines running to a pump by the Trinity River.

I suspect the Quanah Parker Park ruts were caused by some lawn mowing City of Fort Worth workers who did not realize they were mowing on very wet ground, making a big mess in the process.

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0ccam said...

The ruts might have been mowers, but they might have been drillers. The city has allowed some kind of drilling in that park. The money made from that well is supposed to stay in the park system.