Monday, October 26, 2009

Living Like Kramer Ticketed For Driving Shirtless In Dallas While Speaking Spanish With No Seatbelt Clicked

I have heard comments a time or two that I somehow remind someone of Seinfeld. I never ask if they are referencing the TV show or Jerry Seinfeld, the person. I just choose to take the remark as some sort of compliment and move on.

And then this morning the oh so ubiquitous "Anonymous" commented that my adventures are reminiscent of Kramer's life on Seinfeld. I'm having a little more trouble choosing to take this comment as some sort of compliment than I do the more generic Seinfeld reference.

The Kramer comment was in reply to a comment Jovan made about yesterday's blogging about the Caelum Moor.

Jovan is not another "Anonymous." He has a face. I've seen it. In photo form.

Below is a slightly abridged version of what Jovan said....

"How is it that you always stumble upon all these really cool things? I just googled Caelum Moor and was met with some very interesting stuff. You must just attract off-topic cool stuff. Now, when I make it back to Dallas, I suppose I'll be having to check out things in FW and Arlington. I'll make sure to being going on like afternoon on Tuesday..."

Until Jovan asked me I had no idea I stumble upon really cool things.

Like I already said, "Anonymous" commented on Jovan's comment. The "Anonymous" comment was funny. "Anonymous" said....

"Hey Jovan--remember that "Texas is like a whole other country!" (from PR materials). The Fort Worth (formerly Cowtown but now Tasertown or Drillville) and Arlington (i.e. Jonestown--eww!) area are really putting a set of new meanings to that PR slogan. Of course, don't drive in Dallas if you "don't talk English", comprende amigo? Be sure and get Durango to take you driving shirtless without a seat belt slowly near the famous (or infamous) Carter Ave. area. This is not meant as an insult but I keep thinking that Durango and his adventures are very reminiscent of Kramer's life on "Seinfeld". G-g-g-giddy up!! Come visit our new "country" soon, Jovan---if you dare."

Jovan previously commented on the Dallas cops giving tickets to people for not speaking English problem that "Anonymous" references. About getting a ticket for not speaking English Jovan said...

"I'm now going to see if I can get any tickets for not speaking English. I already speak Spanish -- should be no problem! I'll make sure to direct all cops to this page, hahaha. If I get one, I'll make sure you send you a picture of my lovely ticket. Okay, I'm not going to actively try to get a ticket, but next time I get pulled over there will be no English!"

Jovan, go for a combo, drive in Dallas, real slow, speaking Spanish, with your seatbelt and shirt off. So far it is not a crime to drive shirtless in Fort Worth, if you're a man. I'm not sure about Dallas. It probably is a crime there to drive shirtless. Dallas tries to be more refined and sophisticated and driving shirtless is not very refined or sophisticated. Unless you're really HOT. Which I always am when I'm driving shirtless.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Driving shirtless...faux pas, it all depends on the culture.
HOT? Physique or temperature? Clarification please, Mr. Durango.

Anonymous said...

Professor Kra -I mean Durango, what is the meaning of that $5 word "ubiquitous" that I see you using all over your blog? Please enlighten me.-your bud, Newman.

Durango said...


Ubiquitous Anonymous---
Something or someone is ubiquitous when they seem to be constantly encountered & widespread. As in the ubiquitous Anonymous seems to show up all over the place and is constantly encountered in blog comments.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Well I wish I had read this BEFORE I made my last comment. -__- How come you were able to pick up on all that and I wasn't!? Dammit. You do always seems to have randomly nifty places that I've never heard of and I go to DFW alllllllll the time. Well. Now I suppose I have a new goal in life. Driving very slowly in Dallas, with no shirt or seatbelt speaking Spanish. I'll do it in a really old convertible so everyone can see me and I can't get a ticket for no seatbelt, only for speaking Spanish.

Last time I checked neither Dallas nor Fort Worth can claim sophistication. I'll also need clarification on your "HOT" definition, Dango.

broc said...

Why is it a faux pas? Ain't nothing wrong with letting it all hang out.

I've been getting more giggles though since I've drove shirtless, so I'll try and cut back 'til the abs come along..