Monday, October 26, 2009

Fort Worth 350

Okay, I admit my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder causes me to miss a lot of things. That and no longer reading a daily hard copy newspaper. I know I have been reading 350, this or that, a lot lately. You might say 350 has become a bit ubiquitous, if you had a tendency to use polysyllabic words that render your prose to be a bit on the dense and ponderous side of wordsmithing.

Apparently this 350 deal is a Global Warming thing. Reducing CO2 gas to 350 parts per million. I'm guessing we are way over that 350 mark here in gas-happy Fort Worth. We've got more gas-spewing holes poked in the ground in Fort Worth, Texas than any other large city in the world. We are quite proud of that record and intend to keep it, not matter what blows up or gets polluted.

A short time ago I was sent an urgent request to help with the proper insertion of a YouTube video. I did the insertion without watching the video. I figured it had something to do with Senior Citizen issues, due to who sent the urgent request. After I stuck the code where it needed to be I decided to watch the video. Imagine my surprise when it had nothing to do with oldsters.

The YouTube video is about Fort Worth. And that 350 thing. Forget about the 350, for now. If you've never been to Fort Worth and have no idea what it looks like, well, this video does a good job of showing you this town. You'll see the Tandy Hills, museums like the Kimbell and the Modern in what Fort Worth calls "The Cultural District", the Fort Worth Stockyards, Longhorns, Barnett Shale drillers sucking water out of the Trinity River, downtown Fort Worth, including the parking lots known as Sundance Square, I forget what else, but I can guarantee if you watch the video and had no clue what Fort Worth looks like, after you've watched it, you'll have an idea of what Fort Worth looks like. I even think we got a look or two and heard a word or two from Fort Worth's #1 Watchdog, Don Young. Look for a wise-looking guy with long gray hair.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

That video made me smile :)

Website Designing said...

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Don Young said...

The video was made in wet and muggy conditions and took over 3 hours, just at Tandy Hills. All of us participants looked much better earlier in the day. None of us knew what we were going to be doing until the camera crew arrived. The vid is kinda rough but I guess that's what "guerilla filmmaking" is all about.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice video, even with Don Young showing his very hairy chest on one shot--or was that a small furry animal of some kind? I hope the video will be widely viewed and circulated so that our community can be educated and compelled to speak up and take action. Are you planning to mass produce it for distribution in DVD form since many people have no internet access and/or broadband? If not anything, one of the shots might be used AS EVIDENCE IN A FUTURE LEGAL CASE. Two thumbs up!!