Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Tarrant County Arlington Dallas Cowboy Stadium

Around noon I was exiting Interstate 30 at Cook Road, heading to Wal-Mart and looking east towards Dallas when I saw the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium sticking up above the trees.

There has been some muttering in Arlington over various incidents of various people making reference to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Dallas.

I don't know if there were people in Irving, that being the location of the former Dallas Cowboy Stadium, who got upset when Irving was left out in some reference to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Irving. When the Cowboy Stadium was in Irving it was very close to Dallas, you could see the Dallas skyline from the stadium, the Dallas city limits were just a short distance away and the stadium sat in Dallas County.

The new Dallas Cowboy Stadium is not in Dallas County. It is in Tarrant County. Fort Worth is the county seat of Tarrant County. Arlington does not border the town of Dallas, there is another town between Arlington and Dallas, that being Grand Prairie.

The new Dallas Cowboy Stadium is visible from all sorts of Tarrant County locations. I don't know if the stadium is visible from any Dallas locations. Maybe you can see it from Reunion Tower or some other Dallas downtown skyscraper.

I've not read of any Dallas people being annoyed that the stadium for their football team is not in their town. I have read, a time or two, of Dallas people pleased some other town got hoodwinked into putting up the money for their new stadium. It really is a sweet deal for Dallas. Except for having to leave Dallas to watch the home team play a game.

Had the new stadium been built at Fair Park, as some proposed, before Dallas refused to fund it, you would have been able to travel to a game via the new DART Green Line, saving $40 on parking. Arlington has no mass transportation of any sort. Fort Worth has an excellent bus system and I believe Fort Worth is running buses to Arlington on game days.

I wonder if Fort Worth had been the town hoodwinked into funding the new stadium if that would have upset Dallasites?

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