Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scottish Twittering & Quivering To Texas

I tell you, between Twitter, Facebook and Blogging it's always something interesting. A couple hours ago I blogged about my latest Twitter follower, he being a Scottish inventor named Kieran McCrorie.

I verbalized wondering what caused Kieran to become one of my growing legion of Twitter followers. I speculated that the connection might have something to do with hiking naked, due to Kieran having Tweeted about a new German naked hiking trail.

Soon after I Blogged and Tweeted about Kieran and the naked Germans I heard from Kieran via a comment to the blog post about Kieran.

I commented on Kieran's comment. An hour or so passed and I saw a message from Kieran via Twitter. That somehow led me to click on a link to Kieran's Quiver blog where I saw that Kieran's latest blog post is about my blog post about Kieran with the title of Kieran's post being, "The Blogger Becomes The Bloggee."

This social networking media thing is very very circular.


Gar said...

Jeez. You are going to make it necessary that I break my vow of twitterlessness.

Durango said...

Stay true to your vow. Twitter will only bring you heartache.