Friday, September 18, 2009

Scantily Clad Females Marching In Protest In Texas

One of my blogging fodder providers sent me the above picture, along with a couple more this morning. The pictures were sent without explanation. The above photo appears to be a large group of scantily clad females in some sort of protest march following a nice looking convertible car through what appears to be a residential neighborhood. I did not read anything about a protest clogging up traffic anywhere in the local paper, online, this morning.

In the above picture it appears the protesters have moved in doors, with some more scantily clad females joined by what looks to be noisemakers pounding on drums. This looks like a basketball court. I am almost certain it is football season, not basketball season. But, things are done different here in Texas, so maybe they are playing basketball now. For all I know, football is a spring sport here.


Anonymous said...

There are two sports in Texas. Football and spring football.

A homecoming parade passes through my neighborhood every year.

Anonymous said...

My guess -- and it's just a guess -- is that they're protesting pants. Note that they're not wearing any.

Or maybe it's skirts that they're protesting. Or both. We'd probably know for sure if we could hear what they're shouting.