Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday In Texas With Big Bugs, Fallen Tents, Tandy Hills & Town Talk

That monster bug in the picture almost stepped on me today when I was deep into my oblivious relaxation mode whilst hiking at the Tandy Hills Natural Sanatorium Area.

I have no idea what type bug this alien looking creature is. Unlike my pet cockroaches, it remained calm while I looked at it and posed politely for me without moving very much.

There are still wildflowers busy blooming on the Tandy Hills. Did I just not notice them last Fall? Or were they not there? North Texas has remained so green this year, maybe that is why there is still color on the prairie.

The solo tent that had been standing tall in the Tandy Hills Tent Campground was collapsed today. I don't know if the collapse was caused my Mother Nature or vicious vandals.

After walking through the Tandy Campground, my hike was over. I then headed to Town Talk where I found all sorts of good stuff. I got a totally natural organic chicken, bananas, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, Provolone and Bleu cheese, green peppers, organic Delicious apples from Yakima in my old home state of Washington and I forget what else.

Some of the food cooked this week on Top Chef perplexed me because I did not know what it was. One of the perplexations was over Shepherd's Pie. So, I Googled it to learn that what the Brits call Shepherd's Pie my mom called Hamburger Pie. So, I made Hamburger Pie this morning. It is in the oven as I sit here clacking at the keyboard.

It smells real good and I am real hungry. As well I should be, I've burned up a lot of calories today, starting the day, early, with an extra long amount of time in a nice cool pool, then there was that hiking I think I mentioned, followed by exhausting shopping.

It is time to eat now. Come over if you're hungry.


Bill Miller said...

It's a preying mantis. Some say praying. Good guy to have around, eats other bugs.

twister said...

The bug was calm because he was praying, man.