Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ecofest In Arlington With Free Trees

I went to Ecofest in Arlington this afternoon. This took place at Founder's Plaza in downtown Arlington. I have to say, what Arlington has done to Center Street and their new downtown is a very good, well done thing. This may evolve into giving Arlington, finally, a real downtown. The cutest thing I saw at Ecofest was little kids playing in the fountain you see above. The fountain only came alive when someone wanted to play with it. Giggling little kids having fun is always a good thing to see.

How often do you go to any sort of 'Fest' and get something free that has any substance? Well, at Ecofest they were giving away FREE TREES. Sponsored by Wal-Mart, as part of Wal-Mart's ongoing program to save the planet. I got 2 FREE TREES. Now I have to figure out some place to plant them. I suppose I could drag a shovel to an obscure corner of the Tandy Hills and add a couple new trees. I wish I could ship them to Princess Annie of Wink, so she could plant them as part of her massive Wink Prairie Restoration Project.

Here you see some of the Arlington Ecofesters busy Ecofesting. Blue seemed to be a popular color among the Ecofesting.

I was informed that after I left the area that music was being played on the stage you see here. Ecofest continues until 10 pm tonight. I suspect if you haul yourself down to downtown Arlington, to Founder's Plaza, tonight, you will be able to hear some good music. And get yourself some FREE TREES. And play in a fountain, if you are feeling child-like.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hello, Mr. Durango! How kindly of you to think of Miss Annie. What type of trees are these that you speak of? You know, we'll be in your area around the middle of October. ;)

Don Young said...

This was a great beginning for Eco Fest. I'm sure they learned a lot and will make it better next year. It also made me appreciate Prairie Fest more than ever. There's something magical that happens at Tandy Hills that is difficult to bottle.