Sunday, September 20, 2009

Calling Mom From Village Creek Natural Historic Area & The First Dallas Cowboy Game Of The Season In Their New Stadium

We have not had any real serious rain for a few days, but that didn't stop Village Creek, today, from ramming a large volume of water through the big tubes that run under the dam/bridge you see in the picture.

We have had a semi-return to somewhat blue skies, here in North Texas, with the temperature high enough to require the running of the A/C.

I got gas on my way to Village Creek Natural Historic Area, in Arlington, so, like I always do when I get gas, I called my mom in Arizona. But, mom and dad were not home. I got the answering machine where my dad has voiced a poetic "we are not at home" message. So, I left a message telling them the price of gas and the temperature.

Today is the first game of the NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys in their new stadium. This is a nationally televised game against the New York Giants. It will be interesting to see what the national press makes of the stadium and its tawdry surroundings.

A kooky Saudi Arabian prince with way too much money, who became a Dallas Cowboy fan, years ago, when he lived in Texas, has painted his private jet in Dallas Cowboy colors. And he has purchased one of the expensive private suites in the new stadium. He and at least one George Bush will be in the stadium tonight. Likely to watch Dallas lose their first game in their new stadium.

It's called karma.