Saturday, September 26, 2009

Atlanta Housewives Hog My TV Blog & Cause Odd Comments

The comments I get to my blogs and Eyes on Texas website are borderline scary at times. People with thinking disorders add to their scariness due to being so sure of themselves, with absolutely no ability to question the premise of their scary thinking.

About a year ago I thought it a good idea, at the time, to start a Durango TV Blog. Even though I don't watch all that much TV. I thought Google ads might do well on a TV Blog. I was right about that.

In November of 2008, or thereabouts, Bravo started up a new iteration of their Real Housewives franchise, it being The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I found the show amusing and blogged about it several times. For reasons, not clear to me, Google indexes my bloggings about the Atlanta housewives mostly at #1 for way too many search strings.

So, whenever the Atlanta housewives are on, my TV blog catches fire, which it really did big time on Thursday, due to one of the housewives, Kim, going on about her married boyfriend she calls Big Poppa. I'd blogged, a year ago, about Big Poppa, his real identity and had a photo of him.

When the TV blog catches fire it gets thousands of visitors a day. Almost all looking for Atlanta housewife info. In addition to the search for Big Poppa, people are looking for the dirt on housewives named NeNe and Lisa. If you go to my TV blog's FeedJit Stats you will see, on any given day, how many people come to it due to those Atlanta housewives.

So, about a year ago someone sent me court records about NeNe. And photos of her "real" house. I blogged this. Easily 90% of the people who come to my TV blog come there because they are looking for a photo of Big Poppa or info about NeNe's and Lisa's house and bankruptcy woes.

The blogging about NeNe's bankruptcy and house woes has had 24 comments, including one today from someone who has a bit of a reading comprehension problem and misunderstood who did what regarding finding info about NeNe.

I'll copy the commenter, Mel's, comment below. My usual impulse is to fix the punctuation and spelling errors, but I'll leave them be. I'll just take out the profanity.

Wow, the fact that you have that much time on your hands is really sad. I mean, take 5 minutes of of your day to read a blog is one actually take the time to drive and locate someones house is another! Can anyone say stalker?

I watch the Real Housewives every week. You know why? Because its entertainment! TV! "Reality" or not, its on to entertain us! As for Nene financial state...who cares? really? how is it hurting you?

First and many of you own your on home? If you have a morgage- hun, its not your house, its the banks! I have seen Kim and Sheree throw their so called wealth around often during the two seasons. Buying UGLY expensive jewelry. While I have heard Nene say on several occassions to spend wisely cause we're in a recession! (See when Nene and Dwight go shopping to decorate her new home) Which is smart thinking no matter how rich or poor you are. You dont get rich by spending all your money!

Do you haters actually dislike Nene cause she does not fit your stereotype of a person with money? Because you actually want to be her, in her position? And to the OP, since you are so good at researching things, why dont you go research a good therapist. Cause thats the scary stalker type stuff!


Steve A said...

You just stick to stalking people in Atlanta and we'll get along fine! Oh, and thanks for keeping the mutters on YOUR blog so they don't visit mine.

Durango said...

I don't know what a mutter is, but I'm glad to keep them, whatever they are, from visiting you.