Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Tree Grows Dead And A Mountain Rises In Fort Worth

That's a dead tree at Oakland Lake Park. Today I saw it has been marked with an X. I assume this means it will soon be executed. Why? I don't know. I like gnarled old dead trees. It appears to be not presenting any danger.

There were a half dozen of big lawnmowers zipping around the park today. You have to watch out for them. They drive like maniacs. That and they hit things and send them flying. Like today, a golf ball went whizzing by me.

Yesterday was a totally aerobic free day except for running after a piece of paper that got away from me. Today has not been an aerobic free day. I was up real early, went swimming while it was still dark.

I got an email query asking if my Therapist had recovered from her bout of dizziness. This emailer said it sounded like morning sickness. I do not know how one could come to that conclusion. But it certainly is nothing I'm going to inquire about. And yes, my Therapist is back on the job.

After I was done looking at gnarled dead things that surround Oakland Lake I drove Meadowbrook Drive, east, to my local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Has anyone else noticed the sort of odd new Wal-Mart packaging? It must be some sort of money saving deal.

When Meadowbrook reached the I-820 freeway I was stopped by a redlight. I looked up to see a round white mountain in the distance. I've been at this spot before and had the same reaction. When you've spent most of your life in a place where there are big mountains in every direction, it's hard to shake that expectation that's buried in your sub-conscious, even after quite a long time spent in this mountain free zone.

After so many years of being conditioned to expect flatness, when I'm back in Washington, the mountains create an almost claustrophobic effect for me, particular going over a mountain pass.

Like I mentioned earlier today, that "mountain" you see in the picture will have Paul McCartney singing inside and a lot of people looking to the Arlington Traffic Command Center to keep them moving in their cars.


twister said...

yeppers, white paper packaging. may be wrong but the GV mixed nuts look like there's more peanuts than there used to be and less brazil nuts when the packaging was black and not white. have u tried the (white packaging)crunchy raisin bran, yet. probably too much sugar and too much 3.12, i think but still good.

Steve A said...

Looks more like the alien mother ship to me...