Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Were You At The Rainbow Lounge When The Fort Worth Gestapo Struck?

There is an interesting ad in this week's FW Weekly, next to the ad for the Rainbow Lounge.

You remember the Rainbow Lounge, I'm sure, it made international headlines, for Fort Worth, late last month. That does not happen to Fort Worth all that often.

The Rainbow Lounge is where, in the late hours of June 26 and the early hours of June 27, armed squads of Fort Worth Gestapo Agents, working with fellow thugs from the TABC, invaded the Rainbow Lounge, assaulted patrons, some seriously, handcuffed 20 or so, forcing them to lay, facedown on the parking lot pavement.

When news broke of this latest manifestation of Fort Worth Fascism, reaction was swift and strong. And grew stronger when the Gestapo account was greatly at odds with the accounts of first hand observers, including newspaper reporters and other respectable, credible sorts.

Soon, the police, and Fort Worth's Ruling Junta's propaganda purveying mouthpiece, known as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, had to start backpedaling, as it slowly began to dawn that Fort Worth had just had just been delivered a public relations nightmare by the Fort Worth Gestapo.

Within a week, the pressure grew so strong that Fort Worth's usually slow to do anything right, or even remotely politically correct, mayor, Mike Moncrief, called for a federal investigation to get to the truth of why it was that Gestapo Agents were sent to terrorize innocent citizens. And who sent them.

I sort of digressed there, on the way to mentioning the ad in this week's FW Weekly, next to the Rainbow Lounge ad. It's a solicitation from a lawyer. The Law Office of Rob Wiley P.C. is investigating the arrests at the Rainbow Lounge and asking "Were you at the Rainbow Lounge?"

If you have any information regarding this matter you are asked to please call 214.528.6500. This law firm has successfully brought to justice similar suits seeking monetary damages.

So, this is where it gets interesting. The Rainbow Lounge Gestapo Raid could end up costing Fort Worth a fortune. And rightly so. But will it be the Gestapo Agents who conducted the raid who pay the small fortune? No. Hopefully they will be behind bars. But, that seems unlikely, unless the federal investigation somehow topples Fort Worth's Fascist Regime.

So, will it be whoever ordered the Fort Worth Gestapo Agents to make the raid on the Rainbow Lounge, paying out the fortune in restitution?

No. It will be the people of Fort Worth. It will be your tax money, in the end, that pays for the Gestapo Raid, done in your name, on the Rainbow Lounge. It is the citizens of Fort Worth who are ultimately responsible for the fact that they are allowing a Fascist Regime to run roughshod over their fellow citizen's rights.

Where did the money come from that paid the judgments rendered over the drowning of 4 in the Water Gardens? Thin air? Was anyone held accountable for that disaster? I remember the first time I saw that whirlpool and thinking that did not look safe, then thinking it must be made to look dangerous, there must be some sort of grate that catches you if you fall in. That only seemed common sensical. Sadly, common sense is an attribute that seems sometimes to be in short supply in these parts.

Has the Trinity River Vision given its official gone blind notice yet?


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I received this email and thought I would pass it onto to you:

The cops at the lounge should go to prison for a long time, more than if it would have been just a plain citizen. Because they're suppose to set an example for all others. If I were Durango instead of writing a blog, write a letter to the Attorney General or the state police, requesting a internal investigation. Because they will have to answer him, or he has the right to go the Federal Law. Because the A.G. & State Police have ultimate law over local law enforcement. Or all else fails there is a Local FBI department in Fort Worth and Dallas,that investigates actions such as these. I am a person that says talking does not get it done, doing something will get it done.

EX-COP Mississippi

Durango said...

Well, I'm sure EX-COP Mississippi means well, as I'm sure you do, but virtually all the EX-COP suggests be done, has already been done. The FW Gestapo and their spokesmen attempted to cover up what happened, but all the various alternative media, like blogs and Facebook and other entities, circumvented the normal information flow. And continue to do so, continuing to put pressure where it needs to be applied, by continuing hold the incident up to the light.

I am sure there are a lot of FW Gestapo agents who would have greatly preferred no one write about this incident in a blog. Or talk about it. And instead, quietly complain to various bureaus.

Does EX-COP Mississippi actually think the local FBI is not aware of the crimes that took place in FW?

So, with all due respect to Mr. EX-Cop, he is wrong, had it not been for alternative media "talking," nothing would have been done. The coverup would have worked. Currently all that talking has brought in the feds to investigate. Among other things.

What I am curious about is why in the world would EX-COP Mississippi send such a bizarre message to you? Where would the motivation to do so come from? Very odd.