Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Ready To Escape This Ongoing Storm I'm Living In Texas

That's not my swimming pool in the picture. You can not go swimming in the pool in the picture. That is Oakland Lake and it is polluted. You also can not eat fish, or shouldn't, that you catch in Oakland Lake.

Yesterday I showed you a closer view of the Tandy Tower, from the fringes of Tandy Hills Natural Area. The picture today is looking at the tower on top of Mount Tandy from across Oakland Lake. You can see how close Tandy Tower is to Oakland Lake, due to it being reflected in the lake.

I did do my usual communing with nature in my unnatural pool this morning. It was uneventful.

Mother Nature may rock and roll me out of my depressed doldrums in a little while. We are under threat of a Lightning Blitzkrieg until 9, with the forces of Mother Nature already penetrating the defense lines in Denton and far north Tarrant County. The attack is on a bee-line for me. It is only 4 and the storm clouds seem to be darkening.

I have not heard tornado sirens yet this year. Maybe this Sunday is the day.

AT & T U-Verse in July has been unlocking a lot of their movie channels. This had me watching Into the Wild while I ate lunch. Good movie. It tells the story of Christopher McCandless, who got sick of the hell he was living and so he took off on an adventure that had him all over the country, kayaking down the Colorado River, eventually into Mexico, and after a lot of side adventures, making it to Alaska, where it took Mother Nature about 4 months to kill him.

Well, to be fair, which really is not my best attribute, it really was not Mother's fault. McCandless was very ill-prepared. Had he had a proper map he would have known he was only a 1/4 mile from a river crossing tram that he could have used when he decided it was time to escape. He really was not all that deep into wilderness, just outside Denali National Park. He was found just 2 weeks after he starved to death. The Magic Bus where he died is now a tourist attraction.

So, I'm thinking of running away from this hell I'm living, dealing with Gestapo agents and other overwhelming nonsense, and just disappearing into the ether, ending up somewhere like Timbuktu. I wonder if one can kayak to one of those cool South Sea Islands I've seen on Survivor over the years?


twister said...

take a lap top and a gps, so if you start to die of starvation we can send the posse out far you.

Durango said...

How will I power a lap top on a kayak? I guess I need to get a gps. I assume they are battery powered with a long life. Maybe there are solar-powered laptops. But what would I connect to in the middle of nowhere?