Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting HOT in Fort Worth On Top Of Tandy Mountain

That is the view of the skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth from atop Mount Tandy at the high point in the Tandy Hills Natural Area some time after noon, this second day of summer.

Currently it is 96 degrees out there, with a Heat Index of 99. A slight breeze brought slight relief.

Earlier today I went to Fredericksburg and Enchanted Rock Natural Area. That makes for 2 Texas natural areas in one day.

I called my dad yesterday for Father's Day. Mom and dad weren't home. So, I called my sister. My mom answered. My mom and dad were taking care of my sister's cats, because she'd left the Phoenix zone, a week prior, to go to Washington until August 11.

If I understood correctly this means my sister has been up there since June 14. And is staying for almost 2 months. After my horrible month up there last summer I talked about it to the Phoenix sister and she and I were, at that time, in agreement, a month was too long. I can't imagine 2 months. Then again, she spends most of her time with some real nice people in Marysville, while I was stuck with varying degrees of psychopaths in Tacoma.

I was fairly certain I was going to be up in the northwest for a short period in June, but those plans got changed. I missed experiencing any 100 degree days last summer. They occurred while I was suffering with the frigid temperatures in Tacoma. I suspect I will be experiencing a lot of 100 degree plus days this summer. I am well acclimated to it. The HOT hiking will continue.


The Winepunk said...

I wouldn't have figured Fort Worth as a hiking destination...The Sierra Nevada, on the other hand, is. But I guess you got to take it where you can find it.

Durango said...

I didn't know Fort Worth is a hiking destination. But there are some good hiking trails up steep hills a couple miles from where I live. That's a shorter drive than getting to the Sierra Nevadas. Not that I would mind spending a couple days wandering around Yosemite.

So, yes, you have to take it where you can find it, and in my current zone a mountain is pretty hard to come by.