Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Fight & Sweet Tomatoes.

What a Valentine's Day it has been. A cold Valentine's Day. With little sun.

On my way to Sweet Tomatoes for my annual Valentine's Day lunch I went to Veterans Park in Arlington to walk in the cold, dank air for awhile. I like the backwoods part of Veterans Park. That's what you're looking at in the picture on the left.

I'd not been this way in awhile. There is a log bridge across a gully that I've crossed many a time. But a chunk had decayed away, leaving the bridge crossing a bit adventurous for my acrophobic tendencies. But not too adventurous. I made it across.

There was way too much going on in Veterans Park today. A small army of disc golfers was preparing for a disc golf tournament. Once that started, hiking would be treacherous with way too many discs flying in the air. The disc throwers have the right of way over walkers in Veterans Park.

I've read of problems with gangs fighting in parks. And other places. But, I've never seen such a thing.

But, today at Veterans Park there was a raging battle, the likes of which I've only seen once before. At Scarborough Faire. It was brutal. I watched from a distance, then got closer. I was afraid my picture taking might cause the fighting gangs to turn their battling on me.

After exhausting Veterans Park it was on to Sweet Tomatoes. The traffic was appalling. Long long long lines behind each stop light. I had not listened to the radio or tv all day. I wondered if there'd been an announcement that the Great Depression 2.0 was over and we were back in boom times, so the masses were out in a shopping frenzy.

I still have not had a radio or tv on, so I don't know, yet, if the Great Depression 2.0 is still in motion, or not.

I did get great news from Don Young upon my return home. The City of Fort Worth is finally doing the right thing and beginning the process of restoring the Tandy Hills Natural Area to its, well, natural state, thus finally making it true to its name. I hope.


Lac7560 said...

The boom days are not here yet. And I truly enjoyed your blog. All of it captured my attention. Thank you for some insightful and witty commentary. Sincerely Lac7560

Durango said...

Thanks Lac7560 for your insightful and witty comments! I'm happy to hear someone has finally enjoyed my blog. It's about time.