Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets Are Affordable (For Whom?)

The Dallas Cowboys put a full page ad in today's Dallas Morning News letting readers know that the Dallas Cowboys are making it easy for Cowboys fans to buy season tickets.

Under the top of the ad, where it says, "A seat in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium costs less than you think," below the picture of one of those affordable seats the ad says...

Dallas Cowboys season tickets are affordable. Who says you can't afford Dallas Cowboys season tickets? You can purchase a season ticket in the most advanced stadium in the NFL, including the seat option, for less than $1,300 a year.

Financing options to fit your budget. We're making it easy for Cowboys fans to purchase season tickets with financing options that let you pay in easy installments. Right now, you can get an upper level sideline seat (seat option and tickets) for a one-time down payment of $1,558 and then $1,298 a year.

A seat you own. Keep it, sell it, will it. Owning a Dallas Cowboys seat option comes with exclusive rights and privileges. You can keep your seat, sell it to the highest bidder, even put it in your will. It's part of history and you own it.

See what happened when we told people they could have a Dallas Cowboys season ticket for less than $1,300 a year. Exclusive video at dallascowboys.com/seat.

Where do I start? A seat you own? You keep? You can sell? You can will? Built on land taken from people by using the worst case of eminent domain abuse in American history? Sitting in a seat where such an abuse took place, how can you be certain that when the eminent collapse of professional sport arrives, that some even greater eminent domain abuser isn't going to come along and condemn your seat, to build, I don't know, maybe a Six Flags expansion.

How did the Cowboys determine that this seat price was affordable? Affordable to whom? I'm guessing affordable to those who can afford them, the number of which is likely dwindling.

Also in the morning paper Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones was quoted as saying he hoped to break the attendance record for a Super Bowl when the new stadium hosts that event in 2011. To break the record Jerry Jones is going to remove the arm rests from those affordable seats you are buying and squeeze your seats closer together so more seats can be crammed in.

So, it would seem that Jerry Jones is retaining ongoing eminent domain rights to those seats you people are buying and are thinking you own. Like property. Maybe the contracts stipulate that the armrests are not included in the seat.

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Juan Jalva Roan said...

Do you think getting a PSL is a good investment??

Many of the Cowboys ticket holders just use tickets to make some money.

Of course, now they are more expensive, and you have to add the cost of the seat option... real fans will have to pay a very high price to make it to the games.

The preseason starts next month and they have many PSL left.

Having the money, do you think brokers will still making money?? will real cowboys fans will pay a lot of money for a single game??

Waiting for you comments!