Thursday, December 25, 2008


I am having myself a very Merry Christmas, so far, here in Texas, this year.

Blue sky has returned. Freezing temperatures are a distant chilly memory. Tomorrow it will be almost 80.

Today, it was so warm, whilst hiking the Tandy Hills, that it was necessary to shed my shirt. But I kept my Santa hat on.

I've got a chile relleno casserole baking right now, as I type. With a lot of extra cheese. The rice cooker just finished making the Mexican rice. The refried beans are ready in the microwave. A cherry pie sits ready to go into the oven.

From the above information you can figure out that, unlike Thanksgiving, when I pigged out at Zorro's Buffet, on Christmas, I decided to not go to a restaurant.

I'll be bringing Miss Puerto Rico her Christmas dinner a bit later. She thinks I'm a Top Chef. I'm not.

I called my Mom and Dad in Phoenix, this morning, to do the Merry Christmas thing. Dad answered. Mom is ailing. So, they won't be going to my Phoenix sister's for Christmas. I asked if this Mom ailing thing affected them coming to Texas in January. Dad said they're assuming Mom will quickly get feeling better.

Meanwhile, while we suffer with balmy warmth down here in Texas, my sister in Kent, Washington is so snowbound she can't make it the 20 miles to my sister in Tacoma for Christmas today. They are in Day 12 of ice and snow in the Puget Sound zone of the Pacific Northwest. With no end in sight. A new cold front blows in in a few days, knocking the temps possibly below the teens. More snow is expected.

So much for Global Warming. The Pacific Northwest winters are usually very mild. You can go year after year with no snow in the lowlands of the Puget Sound. What's happening up there right now is far from the norm.

Meanwhile, here in Texas, I hiked shirtless today on Christmas.


Anonymous said...

My dad sees all this cold weather and extreme temperatures as a sign that global warming is a myth. How can we all perceive so differently and it be both a good and bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is funny! I haven't made casserole in forever... good idea. I live up in Seattle, so this whole ice-covered hills thing is getting old.

The funny part of winter storm 2008 is that the forecasters were predicting a big snowstorm to happen the night before it actually did. So everyone walked around for a day saying "Those weathermen are stupid, it ain't snowin here y'all." haha, oops.

Yeah global warming just makes things more chaotic, more divergent from normal... plenty more of that to come, sadly.

Durango said...

Thank you, Anonymous #2, for thinking my blog is funny. You obviously have a highly evolved sense of humor.

Last summer after I told one of my devilishy evil step-sisters that the constant negativity was getting on my nerves, that I'm not used to being around that, my devilishy evil step-sister said "We're negative? You're not negative? What about your blog? All you do is spew venom in that blog of yours."

To which I said, "See, this is what I mean by negativity. Most people find my blog amusing."

Anonymous #1---Global Warming got hotter for me today. Windows open, warm wind blowing. It's a clothing optional type day.