Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Day Before 2009 In Fort Worth Texas

2009 starts in a few hours. I'm probably not telling you something you didn't already know.

Tomorrow it will be 1 full year since I started this blog.

If you had told me a year ago that I would blog every single day of the new year, I would have said that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that not only would I blog every day, but that the total number of posts would be almost a thousand on this blog you're reading right now, I would have said that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that during 2008 I would create 3 other blogs, I would have said that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that the total number of postings on my 4 blogs would number over 1500, I would have quit listening to you, because that was so ridiculous.

If you had told me that the number of visitors to my blogs would greatly exceed the large number of visitors to my Eyes on Texas website, I would have said that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that by the end of 2008 my blogs would be generating the majority of my ad revenue, I would have told you that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that by the end of 2008 I would have over 200 subscribers to my blogs, I would have told you that was ridiculous.

If you had told me that there would be days in 2008 when my ad revenue would go over $50, I would have told you that was ridiculous. (I used to think it was doing well if it made $5, thinking $50 was not possible)

So, for me, in many ways, on many days, 2008 was the best of times. I made a lot of changes in 2008. All for the good.

I made some mistakes in 2008. Like I should never have gone up to Washington for a month. It took me a long time to recover.

But, even that lemon turned into lemonade, because one good result of being up north, this past summer, is I fixed a problem that had been nagging me for a long time. It has been 4 months since I've been rid of, what I know realize, was a negative toxic poison that had been assaulting my psyche for years, like a chronic illness that had gone on so long I didn't realize how badly dealing with it was affecting my well being.

I've set some new rules for myself. One is I will not willingly, ever again, allow myself to be subjected to the presence of negative, hostile beings. If a person turns ugly, I will quickly make myself absent.

I will never again associate with a hugely obese person. Obesity is a form of mental illness. An obese person is a self-indulgent, self-absorbed, self-loather. A self-loather, at their heart, in my opinion, hates those who are well. Jealousy is an obese person's overriding emotion.

I will never again associate with a person who is addicted to prescription mood-altering drugs. If a person requires a chemical intervention in order to stabilize their moods, this indicates they are inherently unstable. And despite the drugs, that instability can erupt into irrational, illogical temper tantrums that reflect the individuals seriously degraded thought processes and underlying neurosis. If the person is uneducated and ignorant, on top of neurotic, you've got yourself a time bomb that will tick off at any random time.

In the future, if I befriend a person who I later learn is a convicted felon, I will once again extend the chance for that person to show that they have mended their criminal ways. But if I get the slightest hint that that person is still a sociopath, still thinking they are above the law, still being irresponsible, I will immediately cut that person off.

But, I think the best policy is to steer clear of anyone who has done jail time for any reason. It is highly likely that they can not be trusted. Once a thief, always a thief.

Tomorrow, I start 2009 in "better shape," in every sense of the phrase, than I started 2008. And I started 2008 in good shape. I'm looking forward to the next year more than I did 2008. I don't recollect thinking in those terms a year ago. Despite the bad economy and other bad things going on in the world, I'm feeling sort of optimistic in a way I have not in a long long time. Why? I don't know.

Maybe it's because my Mom and Dad are visiting in about a week. Yeah, I'm sure that's what's causing my good mood.....I think I'll go roller blading in a bit under this fine blue Texas sky.


Shelley said...

I think you have become just about my fav blogger. I never know what to expect except usually it is funny. I wish you would tell the whole story of what happened when you were in Washington last summer. I have been reading between the lines ever since you were up there. I can tell whatever it all was it really bothered you and you felt a lot wronged and still do. From all I have read I am fairly sure that you were likely very right to feel very wronged. Spill the beans.

Durango said...

Thanks for thinking I'm just about your fav blogger. "fav" is a good thing, I hope. Shelley, you're right, I did feel very wronged and pretty much disrespected when I was up north. I don't know what would be gained by me telling the whole story, except my enjoyment gained from total venting. I don't think any of the people I'd write about could be changed by having their behaviors reflected in a verbal mirror. Suffice to say, I'm likely gonna be back up there soon, even though, previously I said it'd be at least 10 years. But I will return totally incognito. Totally.

Anonymous said...

That person continues to steal and it is such a shame. Isn't it amazing that her husband stands by her? I'm torn between thinking...what kinda nut job is he or this is a perfect example of love is blind?

Gar said...

You are not only my favorite blogger, you are my mentor. I am jealous of your ability to write 1000's of blogs in a single year.

You make $50+ per day while I make $4.96 in 6 months. It's so irritating.

I still want to hear the story of how you ended up in Fort Worth :-p

Durango said...

Anonymous-----I think the husband has been traumatized for so long, over so much, that he lives in his own little lala land, where he is very happy.

Durango said...

Gar---It pleases me that you are jealous of my ability to spew and that that spewing makes money.

You may remember, I can talk a lot. The key to voluminous spewing is to turn talking into typing.

You also are a good talker. If you really wanted to, I'm sure you could spew out the bloggings as much, if not more, than I do.

As for the story of how I came to be in Fort Worth. Maybe in another year enough time will have passed for me to tell that story without breaking down and sobbing uncontrolably. That and I look like a fool in that untold story. I don't like looking like a fool. Not when I can help it. I do it enough inadvertently.

Anonymous said...

Remember...fools rush in and get the best seats. Tell us more...

Durango said...

Anonymous #2----

Tell us more about what? How I came to be in Texas? Or the pathetic story of my time of exile up north last summer? I don't know if it is safe to tell the latter.

Just today's blogging, that referenced the mentally ill behavior I was victimized by up north, triggered a stereotypical outburst from the thing I'm well rid of.

And now that behemouth is threatening to come to Texas. By what conveyance, I can not imagine. Maybe the thing would fit in the cargo hold of a 747. Or however it is that elephants are transported. Maybe a semi-truck.

Anonymous said...

As much as I am amused by the stories of your recent NW internment -I was referring to the yet unblogged story of how Durango came to live in Texas. No matter how twisted and bizarre - you will show the humor in it. Do tell us more!

Durango said...

Anonymous #2----
I will ponder if I can find the humor in the bizarre story of how I came to be in Texas and if I can muster the strength to tell that tiresome story.

Anonymous said...

Did she ever pay back all that money she stole? I think it was hundreds of 1000s. It has been a few years but I think I remember in the news stories at the time there was a big fine too. On her blog she talks about buying new stuff and going on a trip to Europe. She has no shame. Can a felon get a passport?

Gar said...

This just gets more sorted and entertaining by the anonymous minute.

Maybe Oprah's folks will find your blog and do a background check as to the legitimacy of your "moving to Texas" story. I hear they are getting better at stuff like that.

Then, she'll have you on her show to tell the world of your woes.

Eventually, a publisher will see your writing skills and hear tidbits of your escape/lured to Texas story and give you lots of money to write a book about it.

Durango said...

Anonymous #3----

I only learned of the crime in 2004. It was the perp who told me. I believe it was going on before I moved to Texas. I know nothing about fines or if any money has been returned.

Durango said...

I'm almost certain the word you are looking for is 'sordid', not 'sorted.' But, then again, sorted sorta works.

I'm being a little freaked out by all these anonymouses. Though I have gotten some emails from people up north who follow things and who felt my pain, I've been surprised by how many seemed to know precisely what I was referencing in this blog. And that they obviously follow both the perps blog and mine. And have been as appalled as I am at the shamelessness on display.

As for Oprah. I am not a fan.

Gar said...

Sorted, sordid, I hate spell checkers. Actually, I believe somewhere in the back of my random head, I thought they were two meanings of the same word. You learn something new every day.

I am 75% lost on all the felony details. I find it quite entertaining though.

Anonymous said...

2004 - was it that long ago? my how time flies.

Blog not the details of the sordid NW mess. Instead continue to tell us the stuff that is worthy of your time and humor.

And maybe it would be better to have a private discussion about the other sorted/sordid stuff?!

Durango said...

You are very blessed to learn something new every day. I am lucky if I learn something new once a month.

I am sorry the felony details have left you a tad confused. They confuse me. I only recently learned that "the case" is now taught in law schools as an example of elderly abuse. I'm likely getting the terminology a bit off.

Gar said...

Modifying your comments to make them tame. That's not like you. Maybe we should discuss offline over a beer.

Durango said...

Sometimes when you stir up a hornet's nest you gotta know when it's time to reach for the bug spray. And if that makes no sense, in my defense I have been up since just past 2 this morning. I feel like I've been on a 24 hour road trip and haven't gone anywhere.

Beer sounds good. Except I don't consume alcoholic beverages.

Durango said...

Anonymous #4----

Now you are really perplexing me. There were only 2 people, besides myself, who are directly aware of when I learned about the events in question, that being in February of 2004. During that same 10 day time period 2 other people were involved. But, I can't see either of them being Anonymous #4.

That leaves only 2 suspects. I think I can rule out 1 due to the literate nature of Anonymous #4's verbiage. Which means Anonymous #4 has to be.....I will email you.