Sunday, October 26, 2008

Swimming & Roller Blading Weather in Texas

This morning, about 9, I went swimming. The water must have been warmer because I stayed in it about a half hour. Or maybe I'm getting way to used to being frigid. The low overnight was 53 here in Fort Worth.

There is a hot tub adjacent to the pool. I figured it would not be a good thing to get in it because getting out would feel way too cold. I've learned otherwise. Today after a half hour in the cold I got into the hot. Then I got back in the cold. And to my surprise that felt good. Basically I think I've totally de-sensitized my nerve endings.

By noon it was in the high 70s. I decided to go roller blading at Quanah Parker Park. The high here today, so far, has been 88. That's what it felt like when I sat on a bench putting on my roller blades.

It was hot enough that going roller blading shirtless seemed the only sensible thing to do. I thought that sort of thing was over for the year.

There was what seemed to be a slightly crazy lady walking the trail that leads out of Quanah Parker Park. She said something to me, so I stopped and said, pardon me, what did you say? What followed seemed to be gibberish, all said with a smile. She seemed harmless. But you never know with those crazy people types.


Anonymous said...

you look mean

Anonymous said...

so give me the dirt on you & Lulu...what happened that was SO bad?

Anonymous said...

Is that a doo-rag and fingerless gloves that you have on?

Durango said...

Thank you for thinking I look mean, anonymous. That is not a doo-rag on my head, it's called a baseball cap worn backwards. And no, those are not fingerless gloves that I have on, they are roller blade wrist guards. As for Lulu and dirt, I really have no idea what happened, that's what was so perplexing. Suffice to say, the month in Tacoma was very disturbing.