Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's Informercial Causes Me Nightmare

Last night I was engrossed in something on this computer at the time Obama's Infomercial came on at 7. Central Time. A bit after 7 I remembered I wanted to watch the Infomercial, so I turned on the TV, hit the pause button and went to make popcorn.

(I'm loving how this AT&T U-Verse DVR thing let's me watch TV on my own schedule)

So, after the popcorn was popped and the butter melted I hit the "play" button.

Now. Here is where it gets weird. By morning I was confused at to what I'd watched. I woke up thinking the Obama Infomercial was the most bizarrely surreal political thing I'd ever seen. And that it'd cost him the election.

It was a scene in the Infomercial where it appeared that Obama's head was sticking out of a field of green Astro-Turf. And then his arm and hand sort of came out of the Astro-Turf, waving around, gesturing. I sat there on my couch mesmerized as the Astro-Turf scene turned into an elaborate dancing musical production with Barack singing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" while dancing with Michelle while all sorts of Democrat notables were backup singers and dancers, including Bill and Hillary.

As I sat there mesmerized I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh yapping about some professor somewhere saying that Obama had a hypnotic effect on old women and teenagers. I'm neither, but this morning I thought, wow, I think I was hypnotized last night.

Then, the more I thought about, and after reading the morning paper with no mention in the commentary of the Obama Infomercial being strange and surreal, I slowly realized that what I thought I was remembering as viewing last night was actually a nightmare.

I confirmed this this morning when I asked someone else who had viewed the Obama Infomercial if there was a scene of Obama's head sticking out of Astro-Turf, morphing into a Busby Berkely singing and dancing routine.

I was told that none of that was in the Obama Infomercial. And that it was very well-done.

I've long known I have a problem regarding confusing my dreams and nightmares with reality. The trouble comes from the fact that my dreams and nightmares are cinematic in their detail. I live entire movies during the night. It's exhausting at times. And confusing.

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Gar said...

Wow! Do you think you could invite me over for some of your popcorn?