Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saggy Pants in Fort Worth

A couple days ago I was sitting out on Miss Puerto Rico's balcony watching the passing parade of humanity when a shirtless guy came into view. He strutted along with his pants about down to his knees with huge boxer shorts shining bright for all to see.

Miss Puerto Rico said, "That is just not appropriate." That sounded funny spoken with her accent.

I thought this pants down fad was just a D/FW Metroplex thing. I didn't see any pants down to the knees when I was up in the northwest. When I mentioned that it was nice seeing everyone wearing their pants properly I was told that that fad had come and gone a couple years ago.

Fort Worth and other towns in this metro zone have tried all sorts of things to get guys to pull up their pants. There are billboards around town as part of what is called the "Pull 'Em Up" campaign.

Apparently that campaign isn't going too well. Fort Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief thinks the city should put up posters at various venues around the area, like the Fort Worth Zoo.

And put bumper stickers on the city's cars and trucks. So that, as Fort Worth's esteemed mayor said, "Wherever they go with their pants down around their ankles, they're going to see signs that say 'Don't do that.'"

I've got a much better solution. As in make the sagging pants thing not cool. I'm doing my part. I went out and about today with my pants sagging. Which you can see in the photo at the top. Sure, I got some curious looks. But I'm sure at least one saggy pants wearer saw me and thought to himself, "Geez, that ol' cracker looks like an f-ing fool. I ain't gonna do that anymore."

If Mayor Moncrief and the rest of the Ruling Junta would drop their pants and wear them down around their knees and visit local schools, I'm sure this stupid fad will come to an end quickly.

Or just wait it out. Most trends start on the coasts and then spread to the less trendy zones. Give it a few years and I'm sure the news that this goofy trend is no longer cool will spread to Fort Worth. Of course, hastening that awareness might be a good thing.

I don't think we need to worry about the girl participants in this fad. They seem to wear their saggy pants much more tastefully.

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@li said...

OMG!!! Shocked you of all people out in public wiff sagging pants. Ok dear how is it when guys do that it`s wrong but when women do you say tastefully done? My way of thinking is what`s wrong is wrong that`s all there is to it.
Maybe I will have to try that. See what sort of responses an old lady can get. hmmm Probably ought to wait till I get to a larger city where no one knows me. giggle