Tuesday, September 23, 2008

King Tut and Big Tex and The Usurper

A few minutes ago I got an email from one of my Eyes on Texas viewers, Deborah Lane-Miller, very upset because she saw a news blurb that made her think that when the State Fair of Texas opens this Friday, September 26, that Big Tex will be standing next to what she called "Usurper of Big Tex."

Here's Miss Deborah's email....

I was horrified to see in the Quick news that in honor of the Tutankamun (?sp) exhibit there is a new statue standing NEXT TO BIG TEX! How inappropriate. If this is truly where it will be placed, I think this is absurd. Big Tex should not share his space or his limelight with anything else! I have been a faithful fair-goer for decades, as has my family. Please rethink this.

Deborah Lane-Miller

Well, I reassured Deborah that Big Tex was posing with "The Usurper" for a photo op only. That during the Fair "The Usurper" would be standing somewhere near the Fair's entrance.

What "The Usurper" actually is is a jackal-headed guardian of the dead called Anubis. Anubis is Egyptian. Anubis is at the State Fair of Texas to help promote the upcoming "Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" exhibit. He isn't here to usurp Big Tex.

Speaking of Big Tex, the big boy got new clothes this year, including a very bright yellow shirt.

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lowags said...

Perhaps the Dog-god can help Big Tex who always scares me; he's contorted and freaky looking to me.