Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eating Like An Armadillo

I've been seeing a lot of armadillos at Village Creek Natural Historical Area. Yesterday while walking and today on my bike. They are sort of cute. Tootsie Tonasket thinks she wants to bring one home from here as a pet. Yesterday Mr. Ed picked one up and put it down on its back. The armadillo then rolled over and let out a squeaky bark noise and ran off. They can move pretty fast.

This morning I wore long pants for the first time in Texas since last winter. I went to Wal-Mart early, after swimming, even earlier.

The long pants are these Wranglers I bought up in Washington at the Shelton Wal-Mart the summer before I moved here. I thought I'd gotten the right size but when I got home I could barely get them on. They were not wearable. Then I thought I'd make these my fat pants. I knew I wanted to be skinnier so as to suffer the heat of Texas more bearably.

My goal was to be able to wear these Wrangler pants by the time I moved to Texas.

Well, that did not quite work out. Yes, by the time I moved I was able to wear them. But it was not comfortable.

Now. 10 years later, this morning, I found out that I can't wear my Wrangler Fat Pants anymore without a belt, lest I have yet one more Droopy Pants incident. And they are very comfortable. As in I could wear these on a plane.

So, this morning I found I'd lost more weight. I am in danger of dropping into the 150s. Why is this happening? It ain't like I'm trying to cause this. I think what's happened is I've been doing the early morning swimming in cold water. For quite a long swim. That must burn oodles of calories. Then later I'll go do something else physical. Obviously I'm burning up more calories than I'm eating.

Today I decided to change that. For breakfast I had 3 scrambled eggs with 6 pieces of bacon and two pieces of whole wheat bread smeared with butter. I just got done with lunch. I made homemade mac n' cheese with whole wheat noodles, a half pound of extra sharp cheese, lots of Parmesan and melted butter with onion sauteed in it. Plus deep-fried battered fish. And broccoli. And lemon-limeade made with real sugar.

I'm thinking this new program should stop or at least slow up this chronic weight loss. I tell you, it's a living hell being me.....


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

We saw an armadillo with an elmer fudd hat on and thought it was YOU!
We are HERE and looking for you!
ox lulu and lauri

Durango said...

I'm stuck up here in the D/FW zone. My hopes of escape are currently not good. I hope you kids are having fun down there. I'm sure you are.