Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Ton Texas Woman Too Fat To Kill

In another example of how obesity is a health hazard that kills, a Texas woman, Mayra Rosales, was charged with the killing of her 2 year-old nephew. Rosales' attorney has claimed Rosales could not have beaten her nephew because she is too fat to use her arms to do so.

Though Rosales is charged with capital murder she is being held under house arrest because Hidalgo County does not have a jail cell large enough to hold the half ton woman or the medical staff to attend to her needs. Hidalgo County is on the Texas Gulf Coast, south of Houston.

The mother of the murdered boy has been charged with injury to a child for leaving her son in the care of his bed-ridden aunt. The mother believes the death was an accident possibly caused when her morbidly obese sister rolled over on to the boy.

However, prosecutors claim the boy had 2 head injuries not explainable by being rolled over by an obese woman.

Sad story.

Why do people let themselves get so obese? I've had reason to ponder that up close and personal of late. When an obese person is still mobile, as in they are able to get out and about and walk, their musculature must be well-developed to haul all that heft. And their caloric needs, just to stay at a steady weight, are much greater than a healthy weighted person. Hence their ability to lose weight quickly if they decide to get healthy.

It is possible for a morbidly obese person to exercise and amp up the weight loss if they ever decide to get off the gravy train and cross over to fruit and vegetable world. Below is a YouTube video that is an example of a health motivated obese person exercising.

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Anonymous said...

OMG that woman on your video is huuuge! Wonder what sort of foods and how much she consumes in her waking hours.
Have to admit she impressed me with her simple exercise abilities. If she keeps that up she`ll eventually lose weight. Or so we and she`d hope.
Way to go unknown woman.
Love your blogs they always enlighten me. Even if I know nothing of what you speak about.
A in Eastern Wa.