Monday, August 25, 2008

Cody Linley aka Jake Ryan with Gar the Texan's Daughter

Earlier today I blogged about the upcoming Dancing with the Stars and about half the dancing stars being stars I'd never heard of.

One of the ones I'd not heard of was a guy named Cody Linley who is on a TV show called Hannah Montana.

So, Gar the Texan sent me a photo of his daughter, Riley, or is it Ryleigh, with this Cody guy I'd not heard of.

Gar the Texan's words:

"My daughter with Cody Linley. You said you didn't know him. He lives (or lived) in Lewisville. I'm surprised the Startlegram has not mentioned it."

What I find disturbing in all this is the idea that apparently Gar the Texan has watched this Hannah Montana show and knows the character's names, as in Cody Linley plays Jake Ryan. And that this Cody guy lives or lived in Lewisville. If my memory serves me correctly, and it often doesn't, it seems like Gar the Texan's daughter lived in one of those north Dallas suburb towns, like Lewisville.

So, how does Gar the Texan's daughter know this wannabe dancing star. Is this Cody guy her boyfriend? Will Gar the Texan's daughter get to go to Hollywood to watch her boyfriend dance? Does Gar the Texan approve of this relationship? How come he doesn't know if the guy still lives in Lewisville if his daughter is seeing him? So many questions. It's hell to have an inquiring mind.

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Gar said...

My daughter's name is Ryleigh. She'll be irritated if she finds out you didn't spell it right.

There is no boyfriend arrangement with wannabe dancing star.

He lives in California now.

She won't be going to Hollywood to watch him try to dance.