Monday, June 30, 2008

A Slog Of A Barnett Shale Blog

I got an amusing comment today to a blogging titled "Barnett Shale Ruining Lives in Texas".

I suspect this commenter is a Barnett Shale shill, likely working for either Chesapeake Energy or Devon Energy. The commenter seemed to miss that the point of the blogging was about the misery being visited upon an Azle couple, courtesy of the good folks at Devon Energy.

The commenter seems to think I was trying to scare people using a bizarre ongoing gas fire in Turkmenistan. I don't believe I was suggesting this was going to happen here. Then again, there have been a few explosions during the course of drilling into the Barnett Shale. And there have been people killed. I don't think anyone died in the firehole in Turkmenistan.

Anyway, below is the comment. My favorite part is I'm Archie Bunker in need of more joy. Truer words where never written. And the phrase "live in the Barnett Shale." This person lives in the Barnett Shale?

"Who wrote this slog of a blog, Archie Bunker? After all, 1971 is the year “All in the Family” debuted on television.

You’re going to the old Soviet Union … all the way back to 1971 … as a warning for those of us who live in the Barnett Shale?

1971? That was 37 years ago!

Most of the people reading your slog-of-a-blog weren’t even born in 1971.

That was the year the voting age was lowered to 18, and the year President Nixon (yep, Nixon) opened up trade with China.

In 1971, Intel introduced the microprocessor to the world.

There was no internet, no email, no blogs. No high-tech.

1971 might as well of been the days of covered wagons, compared to technological and engineering advances of today. In case you forgot to turn your calendar from the 70’s, it’s a whole new CENTURY now!

The new technology of horizontal drilling, highly advanced and monitored drilling practices, and government safety oversight of this new century is, quite literally, decades beyond anything that existed 37 years ago.

I can understand how people may be frustrated by some of the temporary inconveniences of drilling activity … some noise and dust and traffic. But these are temporary. And, frankly, minor inconveniences when compared to the benefits of drilling in the Shale … tens of thousands of new jobs for local workers who might otherwise be out of work … millions of dollars in new tax revenues to benefit our schools and parks … and an economic boost for every small business owner, employee and citizen of the North Texas, even those who may oppose development of the Barnett Shale. That’s right. You benefit even if you don’t like it.

So at least be fair in your criticism. Because trying to scare people by going back to the Soviet Union of 1971 is as ridiculous as Archie Bunker.

By the way, the top song in 1971 was Three Dog Night’s, “Joy to the World.” Sounds like you need a bit more joy in your own."


TXsharon said...

B comments on my blog often. B never disputes the facts presented, but rather tries to attack the source of the information or me for presenting the information. It's obvious that B works in the oil and gas industry.

Durango said...

Seems like sort of a shoot themselves in the foot type thing to do. As in I just used B's comments for another blog. I notice whenever I blog and mention the BS or Chesapeake Energy, that I get a lotta visitors from OKC. Are they based there? Chesapeake, I mean?

shalevictim1 said...

I live with the Barnett Shale every day and the only good thing is the money....while it lasts. Tomorrow morning I will again confront the pipeline crew that is cutting down trees on my land, when the lying landman said they would not. I have a lot of experience and if anyone wants to hear about it and know what they are in for then reply and I will unload. Keep in mind we have been run off of our home by gas lift compressor not the temporary drill or frac noise...the perminent drone of the diesel gas lifter.