Friday, June 27, 2008

Largest in Texas: Zorro's Buffet in Fort Worth

UPDATE: I have now experienced Zorro's Buffet in person, July 18, 2008, for lunch. Read what I thought about it in today's Blogging.

For a couple weeks I've been seeing ads for a new restaurant in Fort Worth called Zorro's. Zorro's claims to be the largest buffet in Texas. They don't say by what criteria. Largest building? Largest buffet table? Largest selection?

Zorro's being in Fort Worth. And in Texas. Both known to greatly hyperbolize, I guess I'll have to check it out myself to see how large Zorro's Buffet is.

A few weeks ago I told you how shocked I was when former highly respected food critic, Lulu, declared that a Golden Corral restaurant in Spokane was the best buffet she'd ever been to. I'm sure Lulu would love Zorro's Buffet.

The info on Zorro's website is a bet worrisome. In that if you don't get your verbiage right on your website, how am I to trust that you will not overly salt your clam chowder? For example..."Zorro's is a haven for both carnivores and vegetarians, our homogenous gourmet salad bar..."

Homogenous? I'm guessing the word they were looking for is humongous. They didn't even spell homogeneous right, if that was the word they meant to use.

There are some missing spaces after some commas which cause me to worry about Zorro's quality control. As in, "...our wide variety of succulent meat dishes to include country cooking, Tex-Mex, BBQ, Seafood, Italian,steaks,ribs, to name a few..."

In addition to the missing spaces after commas, that phrase "to include" seems off too. Shouldn't it just be "includes"?

And then there is this, "Zorro's Legendary and Experienced management team Promises to make your visit a unique buffet adventure like no other."

Zorro's has only been open a short time. How did it get Legendary already??

In addition to the website errors that cause me to worry about Zorro's quality control, the restaurant is in a sort of seedy section of Fort Worth.

But, even though I have serious concerns, I'm sure I'll be trying out Zorro's Buffet at some point in time before it goes out of business. I'll be sure and let you know how much I liked it.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry so much about the typos... you don't eat typos. The food there is excellent. My wife and I went yesterday, 7-17-08, for the first, but definitely not the last time.

It is a very large buffet, but I'm not so sure it is the largest in Texas. What impressed us most was that the veggies were just as good as the meats. Most buffet places like this tend to over cook the vegetables, under-season them, or just generally make them unappetizing. Not the case here... Zorro's kicks ass in both the veggie and the meat categories.

Squash sauteed with garlic and onions, green beans seasoned with onions and bacon, real mashed potatoes with the skins on, pinto beans, grilled onions and mushrooms, grilled Jalapeno peppers, and on and on. All were nicely seasoned and were cooked to a perfect doneness.

The meats were good, too. Fried chicken, Chicken Fried Steak (real steak, not ground beef), beef and chicken fajitas (Thursday's special), BBQ Brisket, Homemade Sausages, Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes, etc, were ALL tasty. By the time you try small bites of all the dishes that look good, you are so full you can't go back to get more of your favorites.

The salad bar was good, too, with really fresh veggies on it, tasty dressings and one of the best Caesar Salads I have had in a long time.

We simply didn't have room left to taste the ultra-thin crust pizzas they had out, but they sure looked good.

The desserts were tasty, too. My wife enjoyed the flan very much. I had some of their bread pudding and it was moist and sweet, but not cloyingly so. The apple cobbler was great! It had a really flaky top crust and just a slight hint of Cinammon, which allowed the flavor of the apples themselves to shine through.

We will definitely be dining here more often. The decor was very nice, the colors warm and soothing, the lady clearing tables was hustling and seemed to be happy at her job and the overall experience was very satisfying.

So, give the place a shot before you badmouth it... you may be surprised to find that one's writing skills do not directly reflect upon their ability to serve great food at very reasonable prices.

Durango said...

Very ironic timing for your comment. Because just this morning I made plans to try Zorro's, today, July 18, for lunch. I'll blog about what I thought of lunch later today.

Anonymous said...

Well I spoke to one of the owner's about that, and by that i mean "the largest buffet." He asked me if I could prove otherwise, of course it was a joke, and we're acquaintances. Now about the legendary management team. Many people who go to Zorro's comment on how it is very similar to another buffet located in Arlington close to Six Flags. Well that is because the owner I previously spoke about was the owner of that particular restaurant in Arlington. And when he opened Zorro's he brought the former manager's of that restaurant with him. Hence, the legendary management team. As for what my anonymous friend here said regarding the meat, all of the food at Zorro's is fresh, prepared, and cooked on site that very same day. Unlike at Golden Corral whose food is already prepared, frozen, and simply cooked at the restaurant. How do I know that? Well, one of the managers worked at Golden Corral before working for the owner's of Zorro's. But I really do hope you enjoyed you meal and I do inform you that a third party was hired to create the website, so don't be carried away by the typos.

Anonymous said...

Zorro's is good food at a good price...even if you only go for your one favorite dish. Also, there is a lot of work being done on this side of Fort Worth to improve it's safety, beauty, and business climate. If you like the restaurant but not the area, the freeway is right there...hop on and head where you want to.

Dolores said...

Went to Ft. Worth in FEB... I was invited to the Zorro's Buffet
It was THE BEST!
Many things to choose from - CLEAN- Friendly... This place it a Must for visitors... WELL WORTH THE PRICE.. Check it out!
**** 5 Star Munch Mania..
Dolores from IL

EBC said...

I know this is 2 years late :-) but concerning "The info on Zorro's website is a bet worrisome". What about your own typos?

Durango said...

EBC, Just recently I blogged about my increasingly out of control typo woe.