Monday, May 19, 2008

Carrot Top

Some well meaning, I am sure, but, in reality, very rude person, sent me these two photos of the comedian known as Carrot Top.

The accompanying note said I was to take these photos as a cautionary warning as to what will happen to me if I don't stop with the heavy duty workouts and the muscle building steroids.

In the photo on the right it appears Carrot Top is using eye liner. It's been decades since I've used eye liner. And my hair has never been red. And I don't do heavy duty workouts or use steroids.

I take it as some sort of backhanded compliment that my rude correspondent assumed I did. I guess.


Gar said...

Isn't it a curse that steroids bulk up your body and shrivel up your wienie.

It must be hard on women to see all those hunky looking dudes and realize that there will be no pleasure.

Of course, maybe Carrot Top is gearing up to run for Governor of California in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Okay. As if Carrot Top was not creepy enough in his skinny nerdy days... he's freaking outdone himself!!