Friday, April 11, 2008

The Tulips are Blooming & I'm Homesick

I'm homesick. I've not seen the Skagit Valley of Washington in Spring Tulip mode since I moved to Texas in 1999. The color carpetting is sort of like Texas wildflowers on steroids. That is Cultus Mountain in the background, one of the Cascade Mountains foothills, looking east towards my old hometown of Mount Vernon. If it weren't so cloudy you would see the Mount Baker volcano towering over the valley. You will see no Bluebonnets if you visit Washington state during the spring. I think they may have been eradicated for being a pesky invasive weed.


Anonymous said...

Come on up, favorite uncle.

Love, Blue and Max

lulu said...

ya, come on up, the airfares are low and I think it would be fun if you could stay for the whole summer, like May-Sept. Please we need your help.

Durango said...

I'd love to come up north, but I'm wary of flying right now. I've been practicing hitchhiking, but I've been told that is an unsafe and slow means of travel.